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How To Maintain Your Beard

How to maintain a beard

How to maintain your beard

When one is on a beard-growing journey, it is important to remember that your effort does not stop at just growing a beard. You need to maintain it as well.

Have all the necessary tools and products

Step one of maintaining a beard is having in your possession all the necessary tools and products. These include a nice sharp pair of scissors or a beard trimmer. Next is to have a sturdy comb or brush. Other products that you can’t do without are good shampoo that has dandruff control properties. Last but definitely not least is beard oil.

Brushing your beard

An essential part of your daily routine should be brushing your beard every single day so that there are no knots or tangles in it. A tangled beard is prone to hair breakage, not to mention the fact that it looks unkempt. The right way to brush your beard is to start at the neck and brush towards your chin, this will make your beard look thick and full. Another thing to keep in mind is that regular brushing means regular exfoliation, and you get rid of all the dead skin cells, increase the circulation of blood towards your face and ultimately help in the growth of your beard.

Beard Cleanliness

After you are done growing a beard you need to keep it in optimum health by washing the beard at regular intervals to remove dirt, broken hair, and dead skin cells from it. An unwashed beard may accumulate a lot of unwanted particles of food as well, which let us be frank here, is a gross sight to witness. So, in order to avoid that and to make sure that your beard looks and smells great you must wash it with a shampoo that has anti-dandruff properties and a nice fragrance as well.

Beard Conditioning

After you have achieved the perfect beard length that suits your face, the next big goal is to have a beard that shines and is soft to touch. For this, you need beard oil. The benefits of right beard oil are twofold, it will keep the beard hair and hair follicles in good health and along with that, it will make sure that the skin underneath is also healthy by eliminating itchiness and flakiness from it.

Beard Trimming

Trimming the beard is another extremely important step in maintaining it. It can be trimmed with either a good pair of scissors or a beard trimmer. A thing to keep in mind is that a beard trimmer may cause split ends and requires a certain level of expertise to be done well. While the time intervals between trims depend on the speed with which your beard grows, on average it is ideal to trim the beard every few weeks.


Thus, these are some of the most essential steps that you need to follow to grow and maintain an awesome-looking beard. Following these steps will ensure that your beard, whatever length you choose to sport, continues to look its best.

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